Dog Walking

Dog Walker in and around Chesterfield


MB Dog walkingAt MB Pet Services our dog walks are not just dog walks. We believe your dog should get the most out of every walk. Your dogs will enjoy the fresh air, physical exercise, fun and mental stimulation in and around the Chesterfield area. It is the perfect way to break up their day when you can’t be with them.

Covering Newbold, Walton, Ashgate, Linacre Woods, Brockwell, Lounsley Green and Dunston, MB Pet Services goes dog walking in a variety of places which includes strolls around parks, running across fields, jumping over logs in woodland and exploring country trails. Sometimes our dog walks include all of the above.

We know every dog has different needs when it comes to exercise so we tailor our walks to your dogs, there is plenty of opportunity for play, games, reinforcing training you have done and running around, or we can slow the pace down for dogs that prefer a more leisurely approach.


Group dog walking in Chesterfield – MB Pet Services group dog walks  mix friendly, well behaved dogs from more than one family. We are insured to take up to 6 dogs but we generally prefer smaller groups of 3 or 4 to ensure we can give your dog much more individual attention. We also believe that lower numbers improves the quality and safety of their walks. Your dog’s walking companions are very carefully matched to ensure that fun is had by one and by all.

Solo dog walks in Chesterfield – MB Pet Services has limited spaces for dogs that are happier being walked on their own without the company of other dogs. Walks are just one or all of the dogs from your family although if your doggy family is particularly large we can arrange extra walks.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dog walking with MB Services in Chesterfield – Prices start at £7 for a 30 minute group dog walk.  For prices on all our services please take a look at our Prices Page.