Pet Sitting

Pet Visits in Chesterfield – Rabbits, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Cats, Dogs, Puppies, Birds, Reptiles…


visit1 bunnies and birdsPet visits are ideal for our smaller furry pets, reptiles, birds etc. MB Pet Services can visit cats and let dogs out for a toilet break.

Your visit will include plenty of fuss and playtime for your furry, feathered or exotic friends where appropriate, and can include a short walk for dogs.

Visits can vary in length in accordance with your pet’s needs and number of animals, but will usually last between 15 minutes and an hour, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Covering Newbold, Walton, Ashgate, Linacre Woods, Brockwell, Lounsley Green and Dunston in Chesterfield.

Prices start from at £6 for pet visits.  Please visit our Prices Page for more information.

Pet Sitting in Chesterfield – that longer stay for when you are away…


With MB Pet Services pet sitting service in Chesterfield you don’t have to leave your pets home alone if you are away for just a few hours.  This service is ideal if you are having an evening or day out but you don’t want to leave your pets for too long.  We can stay with your pets by the sit1hour until you are home.

During our time with your pets we can offer dog walks, play time, games and training reinforcement to burn off some energy, or just keep them company if they would prefer.

If meal times fall within the period you are away we can feed your pets for you, refresh their water, clean bowls, and clean up any mess in the garden/litter trays as needed.

We advise booking this service early.  Please contact us for availability.

Prices start at £9 per hour for pet sitting.  Please visit our Prices Page for more information.