MB Pet Services - GDPR Compliance Policy


1. We take enquires and bookings by Phone, Text message, E-mail and Facebook messenger. Payments are received via cash or bank transfer; other platforms will also hold your data as part of the business. Links to individual platforms privacy policies will be included below.

2.Personal data we hold includes fore and Surnames, Addresses, E-mail addresses and Phone numbers. If you contact MB Pet Services with an enquiry you are not obligated to provide any of this unless we need it in order to respond. We would otherwise only need it in order to progress your enquiry to an initial meeting or to provide services.  Unless requested otherwise we will keep details of enquiries/meetings for up to 1 year to enable you to proceed and make a booking. Your information will not be used for other purposes and will be kept on the platform they were sent or a paper record for phone enquires.

For clients that have made one or more bookings, we will keep the information above on file. We will also require emergency contact, pet and alarm/lock codes details. The legal basis for these is contractual and legitimate interest. Please note your pet’s data is not covered by this legislation however we will delete/amend the information provided it is no longer required.

3. Once you become a client hard copies of your details are filed and locked away when not in use for reference or to enable any emergency cover to take over care.
We also store your messages on the platform they were received if we may need to refer back to them.

Your own and your emergency numbers on a mobile phone which is PIN protected.
Your Name and Address will be logged in our accounts package for invoicing/tax purposes.

Your name and address in our diary to record appointments.

All accounts are passworded, all devices used to access these accounts are PIN or password protected. None of your personal data is stored on our computer.

We will hold on to any data for the length of time required by law. HMRC is currently 6 years.

We will share relevant pieces of your data, strictly only if necessary to comply with legal obligations, protect our clients, pets or property and enforce our service agreements. This may include but isn’t limited to:

– Accountants
– Law enforcement
– Emergency Services
– Veterinarians
– Relevant tradesmen
– Insurance
– Emergency pet care cover

4. If you make a payment via bank transfer the banks will keep your details for as long as necessary. MB Pet Services do not have any control over this as they will be covered by their own regulations. We do accept cash payments. Both cash and bank payments will be recorded on our accountancy package. Other companies operating within the EU (social media for example) should all be GDPR compliant.

5. All of our appointments are recorded on an app on a PIN-protected phone which can be accessed via a password online. We also use a paper diary for non-regular/holiday sits which is locked away when not in use. We do not use this data for anything else other than to keep our appointments.

6. We upload photos of our clients’ pets to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, google business account and website. Photos may also be used for leaflets/cards and other marketing. We do not identify our clients, anything which may identify you other than your pets will not be used or the personal information obscured (name tags for example). You may opt out in writing as per our service agreement as pets are not covered by GDPR.

7. MB Pet Services will not send marketing material to you unless you have opted in to receive it. You will be able to opt out at any time. We will, however, contact you to discuss your pets needs, send updates, arrange/change bookings, send reminders of your legal and contractual obligations etc.

8. You can legally request the data we hold about you, amend it or ask for it to be deleted unless we are legally required to hold on to it. You also have the right to restrict how your data is shared unless we are legally bound. If you have any questions or concerns about the data we hold you can contact us at mbpetservices@gmail.com. You also have the right to contact the information commissioner’s office if you think your data has been collected, used and shared inappropriately ico.org.uk.

9. Privacy policies for third parties can be found using the links provided.







GDPR Policy created by Donna Coles – MB Pet Services. 18/5/18



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